Monsters University Movie & App Review

Monsters University Movie & App Review

Disclosure:  I was invited as press to pre-screen Monster University.  All opinions are my own. Images provided by Disney Studios.  To view full Droid Junky disclosure, click here.
Just because Don Carlton is the old guy in the bunch..don't get any ideas that's why I dig him...

Just because Don Carlton is the old guy in the bunch..don’t get any ideas that’s why I dig him…

Checking out the movie first hand was cool!  This Disney Pixar Film was a great example of how you can teach your children some good old morals and have fun at the same time.

Monsters University APP REVIEW

Glad we saw the film first before we allowed the kids to download the app.  I think had we done the reverse, they might not have wanted to see the film.  I highly recommend seeing the film first before downloading the Monsters U: Catch Archie  app from Google Play.  Seeing the movie first will help your children have a better understanding of the application and concept thereof.

Here’s a brief intro video of the app for Android, you can also view a full HD video of the actual game here. .


Monsters University Wallpaper - Android Market


Monsters University MOVIE REVIEW

If you would like a bit more of the video action.  Here’s a preview of Monster University:

The concept art for this film is rad!!  One of the features I loved about the conceptual pieces is that they are so true and spot on with the actual film in many ways.  The life lessons pop clearly through this amazing art.



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Meifeng Phone Skin

Meifeng Phone Skin


Here is a picture of my DNA case that I found on Ebay and had shipped to me from Hong Kong.  MEIFENG Quicksand Hard Cover Skin Case + LCD Guard.  Color choices are Black/ Purple /Blue/ Gray.  I paid 10.00 and no shipping charges.  The back of the case is slightly gritty  which makes it very easy to hang on to.

Nexus One Party Expands –

Nexus One Party Expands –

T-Mobile was the first carrier to support the Nexus One. Verizon goes on sale next week and Google’s store now has a Nexus One that supports AT&T.
As of March 17th, 2010 Sprint has announced that they are jumping on the Nexus One party bus. Look for more details to be announced next week at CTIA.

Source: Sprint News Release

Nexus One Stress Test – Video

Wow! Pretty interesting video that shows the Nexus One going through a variety of stress tests. I’m thinking my wife would have been a good candidate to test this phone in such a manner…she is actually quite good at reenacting some of these tests.

Open Handset Alliance

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